Packing List Colombia – everything you’ll need for your trip


Packing List Colombia – everything you’ll need for your trip

Colombia is pure diversity and it won’t be a boring trip at all. No matter if you want to travel Colombia for a few weeks or even months, this packing list will help you pack the things you need on your trip.

Don’t trust the weather forecast

When my boyfriend visited me in Bogotá and a bit later my best friend from Canada, they both asked me what to pack. What did I tell them? Sunscreen and a rain jacket! Even the most beautiful and sunny day can turn into a rainy and cold(er) day within minutes.

This phenomenon doesn’t limit itself to Bogotá alone. Other parts of Colombia are that diverse when it comes to sudden weather changes.

Tip: Do not trust weather forecasts. I’ve given up on them – no matter what city or what time – they are not trustworthy in Colombia. I was pretty sad to see that the weather was supposed to be all rain and storm when I packed for San Andrés. The reality looked quite different: instead of those four rainy days, I only saw the sun and not a single drop of water from above!

Tip: Look at the average temperatures per month – both day and night in different zones and cities in Colombia. This will give you an idea about the temperatures. Bogotá can be pretty chilly and you’ll be thankful for a scarf and a jacket. Cartagena, on the other hand, is very hot and humid during the day and is still very warm during the night.

Packing List for Colombia


  • rain jacket
  • long pants
  • hiking pants – if you want to go hiking
  • short pants
  • T-Shirts
  • airy blouses and shirts – especially for the coastal region – those will keep you fresh and you’ll save on sunscreen as well
  • bathing suit
  • jacket
  • scarf – when it gets colder, as a blanket in the busses or as a towel
  • sweater
  • socks
  • undies (bras made of light materials are great for hot destinations)
  • hat – to protect you against the sun
  • short and long pyjamas


  • comfortable trainers
  • flip flops – for the coast and to protect your feet from dirty hostel showers


  • toothbrush
  • toothpaste
  • hairbrush
  • shampoo (my favourite: solid shampoo by Lush)
  • shower gel or bar (I love Lush bars or those from small local manufacturers)
  • deodorant
  • razor
  • nail clippers
  • sunscreen
  • bug repellant
  • contacts
  • travel towel


  • Passport
  • Copy of passport (physical copy and one on your phone)
  • Confirmation of yellow fever vaccination if you’re visiting the Amazon (Important: you’ll need to get the vaccination at least 10 days before you travel to the Amazon. If you have more time in Colombia you can get a free injection in Bogotá at the red cross)

If you want to dive

Camera, Smartphone & co

  • Kindle + charger
  • camera + charger
  • spare batteries
  • memory cards
  • small tripod
  • laptop + charger
  • external drive – to save your photos
  • travel adapter – I use two different models because sometimes the plugs are placed impossible to reach or connect. Those are the two I use: model A + model B
  • smartphone + charger
  • GoPro + charger
  • Selfiestick
  • earphones
  • Powerbank

Other things

  • Travel diary + pen
  • guide book (important: the latest Lonely Planed (2015) has many mistakes and I wouldn’t trust it too much. A great alternative is the guide by Colombia facil – simply download the pdf for free or buy it in some of the participating hostels for 5000 COP (approx. 1.50€))
  • small backpack for daily adventures
  • sunglasses
  • waterproof UNO cards for long waiting times or a fun night at the hostel
  • water bottle – the water has great quality in many regions of Colombia
  • Water filter – even when the water is not potable it’s not necessary to buy bottled water. With this filter straw, most water will turn into drinking water. I’ve also used it in the Amazon for the already filtered water.
  • cotton bags – for grocery shopping
  • Packing Cubes – for a more organised backpack
  • Bag for dirty laundry
  • thin blanket/sleeping bag – the buses in Colombia turn the a/c on ice age mode

Rucksack Packliste

Keep on travelling

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