Discovering Salzburger Land: Water, Water, Water!

Salzburger Land SUP

Discovering Salzburger Land: Water, Water, Water!



Again and again, I am surprised what our beautiful Austria has to offer. Again and again, I discover new things and I am especially happy when it is only a stone’s throw away. Just like the Northern part of the Salzburger Land. At the invitation of the tourist board, I went on a short trip to the neighbouring federal state. It is well known that I love being in the water – and that’s what I did there! Find out what to experience in the Salzburger Land on a short road trip:

Canyoning at Strubklamm near Lake Fuschl

A little adrenaline, cold water and being outside in nature really doesn’t hurt anyone. And so I started my short Salzburg trip in Ebenau. At Hotel Obermayr I met our guide Max, who would do the canyoning tour with us. Two young US-Americans on their honeymoon and another Austrian, who currently lives in Australia, were also part of the small adventure troop.

After we threw ourselves into neoprene suits, harness and helmet, we took the small bus to the entry point into the Strubklamm. In a short introduction, Max explained what would await us and then we started right away:

Salzburger Land Strubklamm Canyoning

Even before I could start to sweat in my thick wetsuit, I was ready for the first jump. I had imagined the water to be much colder than it actually was. We fought our way through the gorge for over two hours, jumping from several cliffs at different heights (one of which I had to pass and climbed down), sliding over smooth stone surfaces into the water and enjoying being outside in nature.

Salzburger Land Strubklamm Canyoning

And what’s best after a successful water adventure? That’s right, Palatschinken (=Austrian version of pancakes)! Mahlzeit!

A relaxed afternoon at Lake Mattsee in Salzburg’s Lake District

From Ebenau I continued to Seeham am Mattsee, where I checked in at the Kuschel- und Geniesserhotel Seewirt. On arrival, the sun had decided to take a break and so I listened to the thunderstorm from the indoor pool of the hotel.

Also, the rest of the evening was relaxed thanks to the in-house restaurant where I was invited to while outside the rain was still drumming hard.

Standup Paddleboard at Lake Mattsee

The next morning started with a hearty breakfast with buffet and fresh juices. Afterwards I met Danique, a whirling Dutchwoman, who moved to Austria for love’s sake. More than a year ago she founded Driftwood by Danique SUP & Yoga – a small stand-up paddleboard and yoga school on Lake Mattsee.

Our passion for water is what connected us from the beginning. Danique is an enthusiastic diver too!

Under a cloudy sky we started our tour at Mattsee. I would not have needed my lederhosen wetsuit from camaro, since it wasn’t my first SUP attempt (it was actually on Galapagos – read more about it here), but I would have expected to fall into the water a few more times. But no. I managed to stayed dry. From Mattsee we paddled to the nearby Obertrumer See and back again.

Mattsee SUP Salzburger Land

After that it was time to say goodbye to Lake Mattsee. Before I went back to Linz, I made a short stop at the Dorfwirtshaus Eberl in Seeham, where I enjoyed some freshly caught fish!

A little digestive walk then took me to the organic shop of BioArt, where I naturally couldn’t get past the fair trade chocolates. What were my favourites? Whole milk banana and of course dark chocolate with orange! The chocolates are also available online and in many selected (organic) supermarkets.

In order to survive the long journey home to Upper Austria, a last stopover was planned. In Café Moser in Seekirchen I ate one of the delicious homemade cakes.

The Salzburger Land is incredibly diverse and offers many different activities which makes it perfect for weekend and short trips!

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Which parts of Salzburg should I discover next? Do you have any tips for me? Let me kno win the comments below – I’m curious what you have to share!

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Thank you very much for the invitation to the beautiful Salzburger Seenland (Lake District) and the region Lake Fuschl! I’m looking forward to next time!

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