Best Photography Spots and Viewpoints in Salzburg

Salzburg Photography Spots Viewpoints

Salzburg is a true paradise for photographers and those who like to document their journey with their camera or smartphone. The city is full of exciting and impressive photo locations. To take a bad photo of Salzburg is almost an impossibility. The city is too photogenic for bad pictures. In this blog story, I will share with you my tips where you can find the most beautiful photo spots and viewpoints in Salzburg.

There are many beautiful photography spots in Salzburg, often with a view of the fortress. It rises majestically above the city and is also the point of orientation in Salzburg. But don’t be discouraged by the same perspectives you get to see on Instagram. With a little research, you can find the most beautiful photo spots in the entire old town and the adjacent neighbourhoods.

Best Photography Spots and Viewpoints in Salzburg

Photo Spot Salzburg #1 Mirabell Garden

Particularly early in the morning, it is delightfully quiet in the Mirabell Garden and you can stroll through the green heart of Salzburg with a tripod. One of the most popular photo spots is located above the stairs north of the Pegasus Fountain. Stop by the dwarf garden with its 17 marble dwarfs. This dwarf garden in Salzburg is the oldest of its kind in Europe.

Salzburg Photography Spots Mirabellgarten

Photo Spot Salzburg #2 Humboldt Terrace

The Humboldtterrasse is THE photo spot in Salzburg. Also known as Klausenkavalier, this panoramic terrace is located above the Klausentor gate and the entire old town of Salzburg is at your feet. Depending on the season, you can enjoy the first or last rays of sunshine in Salzburg here.

The Humboldt Terrace can be reached on foot via stairs from the Bärenwirt bus stop or from the Museum of Modern Art on the Mönchsberg.

Salzburg photography spot viewpoint
Humboldtterrasse Salzburg Viewpoint Sunrise sunset
Humboldtterrasse Salzburg Viewpoint Sunrise sunset

Photo Spot Salzburg #3 Stadtalm

Another beautiful viewpoint is the terrace of the Stadtalm. You don’t have to be a guest to take a few pictures of the old town here.

Tip: In summer, end the day with the magnificent panorama over Salzburg at the Stadtalm restaurant. If the weather doesn’t play along, the restaurant has a Stüberl (parlour) with probably the best indoor view! The menu includes Austrian dishes – for vegetarians, there are a few options, vegans are better off in other restaurants.

Stadtalm Salzburg Photography Spot Viewpoint
Stadtalm Salzburg Photography Spot

Photo Spot Salzburg #4 Elisabethkai

Elisabethkai invites you to take a leisurely stroll at any time of the year. Several beautiful vantage points with a view of the Hohensalzburg Fortress are located here. You also have the beautiful Makartsteg in the foreground and of course the greenish roofs of the Old Town.

Elisabethkai Photography Spot Salzburg

Photo Spot Salzburg #5 Makartsteg

The Makartsteg is a footbridge that connects the right side of the old town with the left side of the old town crossing the river Salzach. For years, locks of lovers have been hung up there again and again. However, the city of Salzburg removes them once a year – about 1000 kilograms, so as not to influence the statics of the bridge.

A photo through the lock covered bridge gives a special view of the old town or the Hohensalzburg Fortress.

Makartsteg Salzburg viewpoint
Makartsteg Salzburg photography spot viewpoint

Photo Spot Salzburg #6 Roof terrace Hotel Stein (Steinterrasse)

Another great photo spot in Salzburg is the roof terrace of Hotel Stein located on Giselakai. This is probably the most impressive view you can have over the roofs of Salzburg during breakfast. My blogger colleague Claudia also wrote about the breakfast there (in German).

Steinterrasse Hotel Stein Viewpoint Photography Spot

Photo Spot Salzburg #7 Kapuzinerberg

A few steep steps lead up to the Kapuzinerberg. Far away from the hustle and bustle that often rules in the old town, you can take beautiful photos of Salzburg here in peace and quiet. If you are lucky, you will also meet one of the chamois that live on the Kapuzinerberg.

Photo Spot Salzburg #8 Steingasse

Steingasse in Salzburg is one of my favourite places. It feels like every second house has a special story to tell. For instance, Steingasse is where the oldest brothel in Austria is located. The Maison de Plaisir (pleasure house) was first mentioned in 1513.

In Steingasse you can take nice pictures even during the main season, as most of the visitors do not even come here – although Steingasse is only a few minutes away from the old town centre.

Steingasse Salzburg Photo Spot

Photo Spot Salzburg #9 Bürglstein

The Bürglstein is one of Salzburg’s city mountains – even though it is only 27 metres high. A leisurely path winds through the woods and at the end leads you to a clearing with a view of the fortress.

Salzburg Bürglstein Viewpoint

Photo Spot Salzburg #10 Domquartier

For far too long I did not know that the Domquartier in Salzburg is open to visitors. Even less did I know that the terrace (Dombogenterrasse) is accessible to the public as well. The terrace connects the Residenz with the Dom and also houses a café. On one side you have the Residenzplatz at your feet, on the other side, you have the Domplatz.

Info: 13€ admission to the cathedral quarter | free with Salzburg Card

Domquartier Viewpoint Photography Spot
Domquartier Viewpoint Salzburg

Photo Spot Salzburg #11 Kapitelplatz & Sphaera

Today, the golden globe with the man on top is the unofficial landmark of Salzburg. The artwork Sphaera by Stephan Balkenhol was installed at the Kapitelplatz in 2007 and is a wonderful photo motif – especially when there are only a few people around.

Kapitelplatz Sphaera Salzburg Photography Spot
Kapitelplatz Sphaera Salzburg Photography Spot

Photo Spot Salzburg #12 Catacombs

The view over St. Peter’s cemetery, the monastery and the cathedral is really worthwhile from the catacombs. Don’t be confused, because these catacombs are underground, but hewn into the Mönchsberg. Through a few windows and a small viewing platform one can take some wonderful pictures.

Info: 2€ admission to the cathedral quarter | free with Salzburg Card

Catacombs Salzburg Viewpoint

Photo Spot Salzburg #13 View Stift Nonnberg

In front of the entrance gate of the Benedictine abbey Stift Nonnberg there is a small lookout terrace with a view into the Salzburg district of Nonnberg. In the distance you can even see the Untersberg.

Stift Nonnberg Viewpoint Salzburg Photography Spot

Photo Spot Salzburg #14 Nonntal

If you leave the Hans-Donnenberg-Park and stroll leisurely back to the old town, you also have the opportunity to take pictures of the fortress. This photo spot is specially nice because you can frame the image with the trees and bushes.

Nonntal Salzburg Photography Spot
Nonntal Salzburg Photography Spot

Photo Spot Salzburg #15 Leopoldskronerstraße

Just outside the gates of Schloss Leopoldskron, there is one field on each side of Leopoldskroner Allee. Behind it, the Hohensalzburg Fortress rises on Mönchsberg.

Leopoldskronerstraße Salzburg Photography Spot

Photo Spot Salzburg #16 Schloss Leopoldskron

This photo spot in Salzburg is especially beautiful at sunrise or late in the evening. At the Leopoldskroner Weiher (Leopoldskron Pond) there are a few places where you can take a photo of both the Leopoldskron Palace and the Hohensalzburg Fortress. In the mornings you can meet some fishermen here as well.

Schloss Leopoldskron Weiher Photography Spot
Castle Schloss Leopoldskron Weiher Salzburg Sunrise

Photo Spot Salzburg #17 Gaisberg

The last photo spot that I would like to mention is the Gaisberg. Particularly at sunset people meet here, have a drink, eat something and simply have a good time. The whole old town of Salzburg stretches out in the valley – just brilliant!

Tip: Bus line 151 takes you from Mirabellplatz regularly to the Gaisbergspitze.

Gaisberg Salzburg Viewpoint

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