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San Andres Kolumbien

San Andrés Travel Tips – a Paradise for Divers with Perils


San Andrés Travel Tips – a Paradise for Divers with Perils A two-hour flight from Bogotá, off the Nicaraguan coast, is a little island paradise – or at least that’s what I was promised by many Colombians and Google image search. It is a paradise for divers, but the rest of the island did not impress me at all. If anything, it got me thinking… I flew with Viva Colombia and landed…

sim prepaid

Mexico – How to get a prepaid SIM card with data


How to get a prepaid SIM card with data in Mexico When I know I’ll be travelling in a country for more than a week, I prefer getting a local prepaid SIM card. Reason? I want to be reachable and able to look up things whenever I need or want to. In the EU roaming charges will be a thing of the past soon (yeahh!), but roaming data is just ridiculously…

Turtles Akumal

Snorkel with Turtles in Akumal


Snorkelling with Turtles in Akumal There’s this small village in Mexico. It has a lovely small bay where many, many turtles live. The best part: you can snorkel with them! I’ve heard about Akumal a couple of years ago, and I knew that I had to go there myself. It took a while to fulfil this wish – and I kind of wish I had come here earlier. We started…

Varsana Eco Yoga Village near Bogotá – my first weekend in Colombia


Varsana Eco Yoga Village near Bogotá – my first weekend in Colombia I haven’t even been in Colombia for a week and I’ve already planned a weekend trip – a short one that doesn’t require a lot of hours on a bus. Together with other students from Colombia and some international students as well as some that already work we went to the charming Varsana Eco Yoga Village in Granada…


First Week in Colombia – Impressions


Colombia – First Impressions Exactly one week ago I arrived in Colombia – the first week of many has passed. Some of you might know that I’ll be spending some months in Bogotá studying at one of the country’s best (and most expensive) universities. I’ve already lived in neighbouring Venezuela a couple of years ago, so much is familiar and I’ve felt somewhat home right from the beginning. Most of…

Why I won’t use my Return Ticket from Mexico


Why I won’t use my Return Ticket from Mexico It’s the time! I’m excited as if it was Christmas again! It’s that time for adventures again! You might already know that I decided to go back to university in Fall. The Master’s programme that I’m studying brings a lot of travelling with it. The next big thing might just be temporary, but I’m happy to share this with you: I’ll…

Termas Geometricas – An Oasis of Relaxation


I stumbled across pictures of the Termas Geometricas a while ago and I knew I had to visit them during my trip through Chile. I wanted to spend a day relaxing in beautiful hot waters. There are plenty of thermal springs throughout Chile all heated by surrounding volcanos. Some are “cold” thermal springs, others are so hot you cannot bathe in them. Some geysers close to San Pedro de Atacama are…

Packing List for Chile in August and September – Winter in Chile


Packing List for Chile in the Winter – August and September Chile is a wonderful country and I can only highly recommend a visit. Travel Chile in the winter, not summer. But careful – winter is from July to September and summer from December to February! February is peak season in Chile and I heard horror stories of sold out or even over-booked accommodations and super busy tourist attractions. I…

Salto del Laja – Chile’s Niagara Falls


Salto del Laja – a wonderful waterfall near Los Angeles, Chile On my way back to Santiago from Pucón I made a quick stop in Los Angeles. Wait? LA? Yes, there is a city called Los Angeles in Chile too. Neither the one California not the one in Chile are particularly exciting though. Los Angeles is the perfect starting point for a short day trip. My bus from Pucon (Turbus)…

How much are 5 days on Easter Island

How much are 5 days on Easter Island?!


That’s how much 5 Days on Easter Island are Let me show you how much 5 days on Easter Island cost and that’s 100% doable on your own and don’t need an agency to get around. Introduction Visiting the Easter Island has fascinated me for a very long time! It was on top of my to-do list, yet I didn’t think I’d accomplish visiting it so soon. When I booked…

Santiago de Chile – what you shouldn’t miss out on & travel tips!


Santiago de Chile – must sees & travel tips I am after spending my first couple of days in Chile and am able to reflect on my wonderful time in Santiago de Chile. I arrived without any expectations, a lot of capital aren’t that special after all, but boy this isn’t the case in Santiago. Santiago is absolutely amazing hence why I decided to write this guide and to show…

How much are two days in Santiago de Chile?!


The cost breakdown of two days in Santiago de Chile I spent the first two days of my four week Chile trip in the capital Santiago de Chile. Like always I jotted down exactly how much I spent: The Program Day 1: Early morning arrival at the airport in Santiago and drive downtown. Visit of Cerro San Cristobal, the city centre and participation in a guided city tour. Day 2:…