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7 Mexican Dishes that you absolutely must try

Mexico is blessed with amazing, mouth-watering dishes – it’s hard to decide what to order! In this blog post I’m sharing with you the best Mexican dishes that you absolutely must try.

Packing List: Scuba Diving in Mexico

What to pack for your scuba diving trip to Mexico? I’ve got you covered with my packing list for scuba diving in Mexico – plus free pdf download!

Mini-holiday at the Tauern Spa

I spent a couple of days in Tauern Spa – and this is how wonderful it was Barely a month ago I boarded a plane in Edmonton and flew home after exactly eight months of living abroad. Eight months seemed like an eternity in the beginning, and I also struggled with myself, whether or not I made the right decision. I am still a little torn whether a semester at…

Majorca – what to do besides hardcore partying

Majorca – what to do besides hardcore partying I don’t what it is like where you are from but here people interrelate Majorca with drinking and partying it up in Magaluf. This is such a shame and it even saddens me a little. Majorca has so much to offer and that’s why I spent 10 days there in August and took a look around for you. We stayed at a…