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Mini-holiday at the Tauern Spa


I spent a couple of days in Tauern Spa – and this is how wonderful it was Barely a month ago I boarded a plane in Edmonton and flew home after exactly eight months of living abroad. Eight months seemed like an eternity in the beginning, and I also struggled with myself, whether or not I made the right decision. I am still a little torn whether a semester at…

Majorca – what to do besides hardcore partying


Majorca – what to do besides hardcore partying I don’t what it is like where you are from but here people interrelate Majorca with drinking and partying it up in Magaluf. This is such a shame and it even saddens me a little. Majorca has so much to offer and that’s why I spent 10 days there in August and took a look around for you. We stayed at a…

stockholm metro art

Stockholm Metro – (nearly) every Station an Artwork


Stockholm Metro – (nearly) every station is an artwork For most people, public transportation isn’t exciting, maybe even boring. Grey, unexciting, functional and cold. Vienna has some stunning historic metro stations and Prague has a few artsy metro station too. And anyone who looks further north will inevitably draw attention to the metro of Stockholm. A few stations were redone in the 50s and don’t resemble other stations in other cities…

In a Sportster through Salzburg and Tyrol – adrenalin and relaxation included


With the motto „getting to know your own country“ I set off on a mission to explore our beautiful Austria even more. In the beginning of December, I jumped into my Sportster en route to a region I have known for a long time – Salzburg and Tyrol. But there are still loads of new things to discover. We stayed in a small village called Fieberbrunn and did day trips…

warsaw psst Viktoria Urbanek

Psst Warsaw – That Time I was the Testimonial of Warsaw


Some of you may already know that I was invited to be Warsaw’s testimonial for their most recent campaign. Therefore I travelled to the gorgeous Polish capital and explored it a bit on my own. Surely I haven’t seen it all (can you?) and already wish to go back asap. But I did have some tasty and mouth-watering food while I was there. So here it is and I’m super…

Warsaw – a Paradise for Foodies


Warsaw – a Paradise for Foodies Recently I was invited to visit Warsaw and of course, I couldn’t say no. Those of you who follow me on Instagram might have seen my posts and stories about this wonderful city. The Tourism Board and I teamed up to film a testimonial video about Warsaw. I was able to get to know the city and explore its endless options. I found lots…

Horst – most cosiest place in Linz


Horst in Linz – aka the cosiest place in the city I’ve walked past it a couple of times. I’ve also read about it online on Doris’ blog (only German) and I knew one thing: I needed to visit him, and I already knew I would be completely in love with him! But what am I talking about? I’m talking about the lovely Horst. But Horst sadly isn’t a person, but a…

Concrete Canvas Street Art Tour in Ghent & my favorite spots


Street art in Ghent & my favorite spots I visited beautiful Flanders in August for the second time and fell in love with this magical region in Belgium even more. Not only the weather but also my company was perfect: together with bloggers Melli and Juergen of Lifetravellerz and Trixi of amigaprincess, I was able to spend a few days in Flanders. Let me show you Ghent’s street art and my personal highlights: Concrete…

Winter hiking tour: Mugel in Leoben


Perfect for the winter: Hiking Mugel I cannot wait for the winter and am already planning more winter hikes! But let me tell you about my last hike just a couple of days ago. I hiked our backyard mountain Mugel in Leoben. It’s an easy, quick hike and there are plenty of different paths to choose from – something for everyone! This is definitely one of my favourite hikes, even though…