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Lima56 Vienna

First try of Peruvian Cuisine – Lima56


Latin America is right around the corner – Peruvian delicacies at Lima56 in Vienna Today I want to take you on a different journey – a journey that won’t involve any planes: a culinary journey to Peru – without having to fly all the way to Latin America. If you know me you know my love to almost anything from there: the language(s), people, landscapes, beaches, mountains, valleys, long bus rides, pure…

Prague Beer Spa

Some drink beer, I bathe in beer – Beer Spa in Prague


The story of how my love for beer got even deeper The Czech Republic is known for its beer, many beer lovers go on a holy pilgrimage to their Beer-Mekka. Breweries can be found all across the country and you will also love another thing about it: Beer is cheap here and it comes in just so many different colors and tastes that won’t leave you wanting more (maybe less, but…

brussels comic book walls

Brussels for 5 Euros – how to experience the Belgian capital for real


or: Why I didn’t like Brussels but still had a great time A few weeks have passed since I visited the Belgian capital. Finally I have found the time to deal with my trip and share my experiences in Brussels. I spent the last days with friends in Flanders – the Northern (and not French) part of Belgium. We had a blast, laughed a lot and tasted quiet a few…

Malta Gozo

Malta: Daytrip to beautiful Gozo


How to spend a successful day in Gozo, Malta I just had the greatest day in Gozo, the 2nd biggest island of Malta! We arrived by ferry in the morning and had a great view over the south part of the island and Comino, the third main island of Malta inbetween Malta and Gozo, while passing it. The first stop was at the Ggantija Temples, pretty close to the harbour….

A Night at The Icehotel Jukkasjärvi

A Night at The Icehotel Jukkasjärvi


A Night at The Icehotel Jukkasjärvi: A night in snow and ice! 200 kilometers above the Arctic Circle in the most Northern part of Sweden, about 17 kilometres from Kiruna, lies the little village of Jukkasjärvi where dogs nearly out number humans, but from December to March each year it becomes host to the world’s original and also largest „ice hotel,“ which has been melting and being rebuilt since 1989. It all started out…

Malta Chronic Wanderlust

Malta: One Day in Valletta


How to spend a day in Valletta Valetta is a great spot to go because in Malta it seems as if the weather was always good. Also, Valetta was built after the victory in the great siege of 1565 against the Turks and therefore carries a great cultural heritage. It is a peninsula with harbours on both sides that was planned to be unconquerable so there are big walls around…


An idyllic city in midst of mountains. Lucerne. Switzerlands secret gem.


Lucerne’s central location makes it a popular tourist spot in Switzerland Located very close to Mount Rigi and the Rütli Meadow it is a perfect travel base to explore famous sights in Switzerland. Lucerne is also very close to many beautiful cities like Zürich and Berne which can easily be reached by train. Lucerne itself is separated by the River Reuss. Dating back to the 8th century, the city of…

lend eats differently

Lend eats differently – 4 courses to happiness


Exploring the culinary side of Lend Some of you may already know that I moved to Graz, the Styrian capital, recently. I had been commuting from Leoben to Graz multiple times a week for years so the city is not completely new to me. I do know my way around Graz but exploring my own city as a tourist has been on my mind for a quite some time now….

Street Food Festival Graz Austria

Street Food Market Festival in Graz


Street Food Market Festival in Graz Life is too short for bad food This weekend the Street Food Market Festival was held in Graz. It was my first food festival to attend to in Austria and I was really excited to go there. It was not so easy to get there because of the location and it would have been so much easier with a car, but the bus ride(s)…

Taste of Slovenia

The Taste of Slovenia


The intriguing taste of Slovenia When I was in Slovenia for some days, I didn’t only explore it, I also got to taste Slovenia – and it was delicious! Brettl-Jause Typical for the region is a selection of cold meats on a cutting board, or Brettl-Jause, as we would call it in german. In Slovenia, there is a variety of meats processed into different sausages and hams. For a Brettl-Jause,…

Slovenien Ptuj

Visit Ptuj in Slovenia aka Pettau, Poetovio, Petovio, Petabio, Petavio, Poetavio, Potabio, Patavio


Visit Ptuj in Slovenia aka Pettau, Poetovio, Petovio, Petabio, Petavio, Poetavio, Potabio, Patavio Why go there? Ptuj is the oldest city of Slovenia and one of the oldest of whole Europe, inhabited by the celts long before the romans conquered the area. Furthermore, it really is not far from Austria, Hungary as well as Croatia. While you can reach it in less than an hour from Austria, you can still…


Explore Vienna without damaging your pocket


Explore Vienna without damaging your pocket People always seem to think of either kangaroos or “the Sound of Music” when they think of Austria. Having been born and raised in Austria this is more than just a little frustrating.  Austria may be small but it is a very diverse country.  Since I want you to become an Austria expert I have asked bloggers to share their favourite stories, places and also mishaps with you. If…