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Linz from above – Impressions from Höhenrausch 2016


Linz from above I already told you about my move to the Upper Austrian capital city Linz some time ago. I absolutely love living in Linz, even though I am on the other side of the world right now. There are so many amazing possibilities and events to attend. I call Linz my home already but maybe that’s to do with my charming boyfriend also? Who knows? 😉 What is…

Why Europe is the Right Choice For All Kinds of Trips


Europe Is Perfect for Any Kind of Trip Advertisement Europe is for adventurers, road-trippers, landscape-gazers, city-hoppers, beach-relaxers…well yes, Europe is the perfect destination because it’s diverse and you’ll never get bored here. Let me show you the most intriguing things you can do around Europe. Europe for Adventurers Have you ever thought about exploring a cave that’s usually closed to the public? In Austria, there are a couple of great caves that…

Cave trekking through Kreidelucke in Upper Austria


Cave trekking through Kreidelucke in Pyhrn-Priel, Upper Austria It was already pitch dark after a few steps. No movement could be made out any more and all my other senses sharpened. I tried to construe every sound. How long would it go on like this? When would I be able to see where I was going again? Why didn’t I ask about it before we started? I didn’t feel uneasy…

A Summer Weekend in Bad Gastein


Get to know your country – Bad Gastein Everybody that knows me is aware of how much I love to travel. However the ones that know me the most also know how much I enjoy travelling in Austria. This time I’m going to take you to magical place in the amazing region of Salzburger, namely Bad Gastein! This region is mainly known for skiing and many other kinds of winter…

1 Weekend, 4 Countries and 1 Cabriolet


… a unique road trip which can probably only be done in Europe Once upon a time there was a little girl. This little girl longed to see the world. She saved every penny for adventures both big and small. The little girl got bigger but her plans never changed. It took her 23 years to visit all the countries bordering her home country. This is the story of a…

Why you need to visit Northern Ireland in 2016…


…Northern Ireland = Outdoor Adventures aplenty! There are plenty of hikes and climbs to be done in Northern Ireland, my favorite one however was The Gobbins Cliff-Path. Just drive up the beautiful coastal route heading north starting in Belfast for 40 minutes and you will find the Gobbins Visitor Center. Once there you will be equipped with a helmet and educated on safety procedures. Do not let these instructions scare…

Are you a foodie…? Come to Northern Ireland!


Northern Ireland: A food experience The people who live in this beautiful place have a lot of love for their culture and food – how appropriate that 2016 is Northern Ireland’s Year of Food and Drink. Of course, I had to come and see what Northern Ireland puts on its tables. I got to experience elaborate, traditional home-style cooking and Irish-international fusion far beyond the infamous potato. Northern Ireland’s culinary…

How much are 7 days in Riga and Tallinn

How much are 7 Days in Riga and Tallinn?


Cost report – how much are 7 Days in Riga and Tallinn? Dere!! I’ve visited Estonia and Latvia only recently and stayed mostly in the capital cities Riga and Tallinn. I have to admit: I was pleasantly surprised by everything! Both cities are not only beautiful, but also culinary highlights. And the very best: the Baltic states are still rather cheap 🙂 That I already knew because of a trip to…

Tasty Flanders Beer

A beery & culinary trip to Flanders


Beer, Women, Food and Flanders Where should I begin? In this post I want to take you on a culinary trip through the Belgian region of Flanders. (It’s the Northern part of Belgium where they speak a mixture of German, English, French, … and call it Flemish – if you are native to one of the before mentioned languages it will make you giggle when you first hear them talk.)…


Kreiskogel and Zirbitzkogel – Hiking in Austria


Kreiskogel & Zirbitzkogel – simply made for each other! Summer is approaching, the weather gets warmer – nature is calling! A lot of people, including me, are drawn to the mountains to enjoy our beautiful nature and to recharge your batteries hiking. There’s so many hiking routes to choose from – really one is spoilt for choice! Today I am excited to show you an amazing hiking route in the Seetaler…

Caminito del Rey

Will you dare? The most dangerous hike in the world: Caminito del Rey in Spain


Caminito del Rey – the most dangerous hike in the world? Frightening heights, a narrow valley with sheer rock walls, a small wooden path, … to some this might sound terrifying, to me it sounds challenging. And that’s the reason why I chose to travel to Spain once more and revisit Andalusia. Not only National Geographic and The Washington Post loved and wrote about it, but also Lonely Planet dedicated an article to the…

Flying Fox in Leogang

130km/h and not lacking any fun: Flying Fox XXL in Leogang


Pure Adrenaline – the largest and fastest zip line in the world Do one thing that scares you everyday A few days ago I travelled to Leogang with exactly those words in mind. I was anxious and happy like a child and didn’t want to wait any longer for the Flying Fox in Leogang (= zip line) to happen. I’m always looking forward to travelling to this part of Austria, because we…

Easter Palm Sunday Procession Ronda

Easter in Andalusia: Palm Sunday Procession in Ronda


Palm Sunday Procession through Ronda in Andalusia To the Spaniards the Holy weeks is indeed holy – and that’s the reason why they celebrate it. Especially in the south, in Andalusia it is celebrated at a large scale. During the whole Holy Week many processions throughout the cities take place. More than a hundert people are part of those processions. The Processions In Spain many so-called hermandades – brotherhoods –…

running tour prague

Prague, beer and morning runs


How to spice up a weekend in Prague Who of you dream of a weekend away from home? Who wants to experience more than the usual sightseeing and checking off bucket list items? Who is looking for a weekend in an inspiring and vivid capital in Europe? So: Start dreaming and planning your next trip to Prague! I want to share with you some uncommon yet super fun things to…

Lima56 Vienna

First try of Peruvian Cuisine – Lima56


Latin America is right around the corner – Peruvian delicacies at Lima56 in Vienna Today I want to take you on a different journey – a journey that won’t involve any planes: a culinary journey to Peru – without having to fly all the way to Latin America. If you know me you know my love to almost anything from there: the language(s), people, landscapes, beaches, mountains, valleys, long bus rides, pure…