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Travel tattoo wanderlust compass

The Story of my Travel Tattoo


My Compass Tattoo – a different kind of Souvenir It already happened in January and only few know it. Finally (!) I did it. Everyone who’s carefully read the title already knows 🙂 So: Yes, I did it – I got a tattoo. In Mexico. After bouncing back and forth – initially I wanted to get my tattoo done in Salzburg – I looked for tattoo studios in Playa del…

Tasty Flanders Beer

A beery & culinary trip to Flanders


Beer, Women, Food and Flanders Where should I begin? In this post I want to take you on a culinary trip through the Belgian region of Flanders. (It’s the Northern part of Belgium where they speak a mixture of German, English, French, … and call it Flemish – if you are native to one of the before mentioned languages it will make you giggle when you first hear them talk.)…

Giraffe Centre Nairobi Kenya

Nairobi: Giraffes, Rafting, Tea & so much more


Nairobi is so much more than just the capital I was really suprised at how many things can be seen and done in Nairobi! From museums to bungee jumping to tea plantations and soggy giraffe kisses. Have you ever touched an elephant or wanted to know what it feels like? Yes? Then Nairobi is the right city for you. Below you can find my favourite things to do in Nairobi…


Kreiskogel and Zirbitzkogel – Hiking in Austria


Kreiskogel & Zirbitzkogel – simply made for each other! Summer is approaching, the weather gets warmer – nature is calling! A lot of people, including me, are drawn to the mountains to enjoy our beautiful nature and to recharge your batteries hiking. There’s so many hiking routes to choose from – really one is spoilt for choice! Today I am excited to show you an amazing hiking route in the Seetaler…

How much are three days in Singapore

How much are 3 days in Singapore incl. Gardens by the Bay & Hiking


3 Days in Singapore in a capsule hotel – How much is it? Singapore, Singapore, Singapore – I’m fascinated by how this tiny country managed to get so many travellers to stay for a few days. And all thanks to their airport really. It is a major hub in Asia. I haven’t met many people that actually planned a trip to Singapore – most of the travellers are travelling through. But…

Caminito del Rey

Will you dare? The most dangerous hike in the world: Caminito del Rey in Spain


Caminito del Rey – the most dangerous hike in the world? Frightening heights, a narrow valley with sheer rock walls, a small wooden path, … to some this might sound terrifying, to me it sounds challenging. And that’s the reason why I chose to travel to Spain once more and revisit Andalusia. Not only National Geographic and The Washington Post loved and wrote about it, but also Lonely Planet dedicated an article to the…

Flying Fox in Leogang

130km/h and not lacking any fun: Flying Fox XXL in Leogang


Pure Adrenaline – the largest and fastest zip line in the world Do one thing that scares you everyday A few days ago I travelled to Leogang with exactly those words in mind. I was anxious and happy like a child and didn’t want to wait any longer for the Flying Fox in Leogang (= zip line) to happen. I’m always looking forward to travelling to this part of Austria, because we…

Easter Palm Sunday Procession Ronda

Easter in Andalusia: Palm Sunday Procession in Ronda


Palm Sunday Procession through Ronda in Andalusia To the Spaniards the Holy weeks is indeed holy – and that’s the reason why they celebrate it. Especially in the south, in Andalusia it is celebrated at a large scale. During the whole Holy Week many processions throughout the cities take place. More than a hundert people are part of those processions. The Processions In Spain many so-called hermandades – brotherhoods –…

Safari Tansania

How much are 12 days in Kenya and Tanzania incl. Safaris?


12 Days in Kenya and Tanzania – How much is it? Kenya and Tanzania were part of my journey around the world. And today I want to give you a short insight of what I’ve seen in those two countries as well as how much every single detail was. The Itinerary for 12 Days Day 1: Arrival in Nairobi, Kenya and transfer to Arusha, Tanzania Day 2: Budget Camping Safari Ngorongoro Crater National Park Day 3: Budget…

running tour prague

Prague, beer and morning runs


How to spice up a weekend in Prague Who of you dream of a weekend away from home? Who wants to experience more than the usual sightseeing and checking off bucket list items? Who is looking for a weekend in an inspiring and vivid capital in Europe? So: Start dreaming and planning your next trip to Prague! I want to share with you some uncommon yet super fun things to…

Lima56 Vienna

First try of Peruvian Cuisine – Lima56


Latin America is right around the corner – Peruvian delicacies at Lima56 in Vienna Today I want to take you on a different journey – a journey that won’t involve any planes: a culinary journey to Peru – without having to fly all the way to Latin America. If you know me you know my love to almost anything from there: the language(s), people, landscapes, beaches, mountains, valleys, long bus rides, pure…

Prague Beer Spa

Some drink beer, I bathe in beer – Beer Spa in Prague


The story of how my love for beer got even deeper The Czech Republic is known for its beer, many beer lovers go on a holy pilgrimage to their Beer-Mekka. Breweries can be found all across the country and you will also love another thing about it: Beer is cheap here and it comes in just so many different colors and tastes that won’t leave you wanting more (maybe less, but…

Cascadas El Chiflon

Mexico is so much more than Cancun – 7 + 1 reasons to travel to Mexico


¡Viva Mexico! And why Cancun isn’t Mexico I challenge you to experience more of Mexico than only touristy spots  Cancun, Tulum or even Playa del Carmen. When you tell me you’ve been to Mexico and haven’t set a foot outside your resort, I shake my head and pity you. I also challenge you to see more than those cruise ship towns like Cozumel. There is so much more to see…

Pico de Gallo or How to win a man’s heart

Pico de Gallo or How to win a man’s heart


The power of Mexican food: Pico de Gallo They say: 
The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. And yes! They are so right! Most of you know how much I love Mexico – and I’d go as far to say that I’m obsessed with the food. Quesadillas, Tacos, Enchiladas, Sopa Azteca, … the list goes on! But there is this one thing that makes the difference: Pico…

brussels comic book walls

Brussels for 5 Euros – how to experience the Belgian capital for real


or: Why I didn’t like Brussels but still had a great time A few weeks have passed since I visited the Belgian capital. Finally I have found the time to deal with my trip and share my experiences in Brussels. I spent the last days with friends in Flanders – the Northern (and not French) part of Belgium. We had a blast, laughed a lot and tasted quiet a few…