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24 hours in Abu Dhabi – 5 Things to do, 5 Things to see and 10 You can skip


Why would anybody go on a 24 hour trip to Abu Dhabi? (36 hours including the flight-time) Well – the answer is simple and shows a little bit of my craziness: I needed the miles! Oh and I wanted to see something new. In order to get my frequent flyer bonus program to the next level, I needed another 6000 miles to reach my gold status. Now I got it!…

Israel travel tips

Israel Travel Tips // Israel 101 // Israel for Beginners


Shalom my fellow Wanderlusters! Israel is a diverse country in every single aspect. I got the chance to visit this beautiful and historically important country on the Asian continent. Israel Travel Tips // Israel 101 // Israel for Beginners General The official languages are Hebrew and Arabic Remember Shalom and Toda Raba which mean Hello and Thank you in Hebrew As-salam alaykom and šukran in Arabic Jerusalem is the capital, Tel Aviv…

6 things not travel without

6 things I never travel without and you should neither


Dear my fellow wanderlusters! I’ve been getting this question a lot in the last couple of month so I decided to finally do it! May I present to you: 6 Things I never travel without Teabags and Tea Cup to go I love, love, love tea. I need my tea in the morning as others need their coffee. Wherever I go I try to get some local tea and back…

5 spots love tel aviv

5 Spots that will make you love Tel Aviv


  5 Spots that will make you love Tel Aviv Shalom my fellow Wanderlusters! Most travellers arrive at Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv when they start their journey through Israel. Don’t start your trip in Israel by heading off to other parts of the country but get to know the mix of tradition and innovation that is Tel Aviv. I had no idea of what Tel Aviv was…

17 Reasons why Scotland is a Harry Potter Fan’s Dream come true


17 Reasons why you should visit Scotland if you are a Harry Potter Fan Some of you might wonder why I’m so fond of Scotland!? Mhhhh let me tell you this: I went there without knowing that it is a Harry Potter fans real life dream! Not only did JK Rowling start writing the legendary Harry Potter series in Edinburgh, but also finished them there! Submerge yourself even deeper into the magical…

Meteora must see Greece

5 Must-Sees and Letdowns around Greece


I’ve been waiting for the right time to share this post with you! I should be in Greece right now, but I had to cancel last-minute. The ups and downs of life I guess! But nevertheless let me show you my 5 Must-Sees and Letdowns around Greece! Greece is such a diverse country in every dimension – reaching from the great islands in the Mediterranean Sea to great mountains and…

Road trip Canada costs

How much is a road trip in Canada? Breaking down all the costs!


Road tripping the Provinces Ontario and Quebec! You are thinking about a road trip in Canada, but you are unsure about the costs of it? I will tell you how much I spent on my rental car including gas and other fees! The route I started my journey in Montreal and made the following stops on my way around: Gananoque and 1000 islands national park * Kingston * Toronto Stratford* Niagara Falls…

Travelling without liquids solid shampoo

Travelling without liquids – Solid Shampoo Bars


Just a quick rush to the bathroom, you open your toiletry kit and without looking you want to take your shampoo out. But instead of grabbing the clean bottle, your fingers are covered in a mixture of soap-like liquids. Ugghh, right? We have all been there! Travelling without liquids – Solid Shampoo Solid shampoos are not very well known, but are simply great! No more leaking bottles no matter where…

Cenote Diving – Best moment of Summer 2014


Cenotes: underground cave and cavern systems in Yucatán I got into diving in 2010. My mum had told me to go and try it, because she used to dive a lot during our holidays in Turkey. I’ve never given it much thought. “It’s another world down there” is what I’ve heard people saying about it. While being on exchange in Venezuela I got certified and kept going with the courses…

Pet cemetery diving cenote

Pet Cemetery Cenote – Mayan Underworld


Mayan Underworld Yucatan has the world’s largest underground rivers system, there are over a thousand of them and hundreds of miles of water filled tunnels beneath the limestone surface of the Peninsula, they are called CENOTES and there is nothing like it anywhere else in the world. The underworld of the cenotes is probably one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. The water is around 23 C° and…

Bungee Jumping Cancun Chronic Wanderlust

Bungee Jumping in Cancún, Mexico – Do one thing that scares you everyday!


Bungee Jumping in Cancún, Mexico Do one thing that scares you every day! There was just one question rising in my head: Why did I decide I wanted to do that? My mind went off: What if the rope breaks and I end up falling and falling and falling and falling and hitting the water? Pure fear and anxiety came over me. Why was I so stupid? I stood at…

Montreal Chronic Wanderlust

Visiting Montréal and favourite spots Mont Royal and the Old Port


Montreal: Mont Royal and the Old Port Montreal is not the capital of Canada as I have heard many, many times. But it is bigger than the actual capital Ottawa. The city inhabits 1.6 million people and is therfore the second largest city in Canada. For my own taste the city is too big, I prefer smaller cities and towns. But let me show you around and introduce you to…

neill wycik rooftop view toronto skyline

Visiting Toronto Downtown and Toronto Island


Welcome to the biggest city in Canada, which also happens to be the capital of district Ontario: Welcome to Toronto! When I drove into the city with my rental car I just thought to myself: “Where’s all this cars coming from?” To be honest: Driving into Toronto is just terrible – thousands of cars, 12 traffic lanes (six in each direction) and the non-continuous way of driving, stopping all the…

1000 islands gananoque kingston canada ontario

1000 Islands, Gananoque and Kingston


I fell in love with Gananoque the moment I arrived. The first town that I was about to explore and enjoy on my trip to Canada this summer. I’m not too much into big cities and high buildings, so I felt welcomed in the area known as 1000 Islands Gananoque When I wandered through the streets of this town seemed so calm and this feeling continued. The southeast part of the…

Summer of 2014 – Canada, Mexico and Florida


Hi there my fellow Wanderlusters, Summer of 2014 – Canada, Mexico and Florida As I’m writing this I’m sitting in a crowded and for my taste too loud Heathrow Airport in London waiting for my connection flights. More than 24 hours travelling to get to the first stop of my two-month trip! The weather was great today and we flew over the centre of London and I was able to…