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Some stories don’t fit any category, some I wrote especially for this category. This is where you’ll find personal stories, recipes, funny stories like when an immigration officer googled my name, or my boyfriend said those three magical words over home-made Mexican food

I have a Gift for you


I have a Gift for you Christmas is approaching fast and this year is actually the first year that I spend Christmas in Austria and not abroad like I did the last two years. I had chosen to fly to Mexico and enjoy my holidays exploring the underwater world or with a backpack and eating way too many Quesadillas. To be completely honest, that was the plan for this year…

warsaw psst Viktoria Urbanek

Psst Warsaw – That Time I was the Testimonial of Warsaw


Some of you may already know that I was invited to be Warsaw’s testimonial for their most recent campaign. Therefore I travelled to the gorgeous Polish capital and explored it a bit on my own. Surely I haven’t seen it all (can you?) and already wish to go back asap. But I did have some tasty and mouth-watering food while I was there. So here it is and I’m super…

Gifts for Travellers for any Occasion

Gifts for Travellers for any occasion


Gifts for Travellers for any occasion Soon! Soon it’s Christmas time, and even I am thinking about what to give my loved ones – or what I’d love to receive. I’ve browsed the web and found some great gifts for travellers for any occasion that any traveller would love! No matter if it’s for Christmas, Easter, Birthday, any day, .. 🙂 Have fun finding new things! Gifts for Travellers for…

Jackpot Upper Austria


… or the reason why I’m switching the state No, I didn’t win the lottery – at least no millions have been transferred to my account. What I’m sharing with you today is still very exciting: Everything will change! Well, maybe not everything, but a looooooot! Changes are exciting, really exciting! Many things are changing or have already changed. How should I even start? In the last couple of weeks,…

Travel Journal

Why I keep a travel journal


The reasons why I’m keeping a travel journal I’ve always been one of those people that kept things for a long time – only recently I found a bus ticket from when I just started school. I have so many boxes with memories. To be honest, I don’t open them too often, but I see them every day when I wake up and think of a trip where I kept…

Travel tattoo wanderlust compass

The Story of my Travel Tattoo


My Compass Tattoo – a different kind of Souvenir It already happened in January and only few know it. Finally (!) I did it. Everyone who’s carefully read the title already knows 🙂 So: Yes, I did it – I got a tattoo. In Mexico. After bouncing back and forth – initially I wanted to get my tattoo done in Salzburg – I looked for tattoo studios in Playa del…

How much I made with my travel blog in 2015


Earnings and expenses of my travel blog in 2015 It’s May and that meant for me finally doing my taxes! Yeeaahhh!!  It also meant figuring out things I didn’t even know I had to figure out. It took me quite a while researching and talking to accountants to get it done. When I bought the domain Chronic Wanderlust in May 2013, the whole blogging project started as a hobby. I…

Pico de Gallo or How to win a man’s heart

Pico de Gallo or How to win a man’s heart


The power of Mexican food: Pico de Gallo They say: 
The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. And yes! They are so right! Most of you know how much I love Mexico – and I’d go as far to say that I’m obsessed with the food. Quesadillas, Tacos, Enchiladas, Sopa Azteca, … the list goes on! But there is this one thing that makes the difference: Pico…

Mexican Christmas Tree

About spending Christmas in Mexico (again)


What’s like to spend Christmas solo in Mexico (again) The preface I got called heartless for not spending Christmas with my family. And before you judge me, I thought the same just a few years back. How can one not want to spend Christmas at home? To me it’s not that I don’t want to spend quality time with my family, but there is this urge in me to go…

Why an Immigration Officer googled my name

Why an Immigration Officer googled my Name


Why an immigration officer googled my name Travelling: at first it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller Auckland, New Zealand – early morning at the international airport AKL. After a long overnight flight from Bali I finally arrive in New Zealand. I head to collect my bag and find out to be the lucky one as I get asked to step into a separate line for additional…

Destinations RTW

Around the World in 72 Days – Destinations revealed


Around the World in 72 Days – Destinations revealed My fellow wanderlusters, travellers, lovers of the unknown and adventurers! Today I want to share with you my trip itinerary that I kept a secret – until now. It’s time to share the destinations with you and also some of the things I plan on doing: The ultimate RTW-itinerary for 2.5 months The first spot I’m going to visit is …….

Viktoria Urbanek Chronic Wanderlust

50 Things you probably didn’t know about me


50 Things you probably didn’t know about me I collect guide books like a crazy person Although my surname originates from polish, I’ve never been to Poland I’m a messy My favourite books include Shantaram, The Hobbit and books by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Anthony Horrowitz Since the beginning of 2014 my bank balance was below 50€ 6 times. I love the black, British humour Therefore I love the…

Introducing Mona


Hi there! My name is Mona and I will be writing for you here on CW! I am super excited to be a contributor and hope you will enjoy reading my articles and much as I enjoy writing them. Well I am sure you are curious how I made it here, right? I have been reading Vikis articles ever since she participated in the Austrian Airline blogger challenge. In fact…

graz trägt Trauer

Graz in Mourning


We stroll through Herrengasse in Graz, many are out on this Saturday under the almost clear sky and are happy about the beautiful day. We decide to sit down at a coffee shop in Kaiserfeldgasse. We talk about a lot of things. We notice the siren of an emergency vehicle. We keep on talking about other trivial things. Another siren. He mutters ‘…there hasn’t passes a tram in quite a while…’…

Around the World in 72 Days


Around the world in 72 days My dear wanderlusters, travellers, lovers of the unknown and adventurers! I am very proud and honoured to announce that I will be going on my first round the world trip this summer! This trip will be the biggest and longest ongoing trip for me so far! I am super excited and can’t wait to share all my experiences, learnings, failures, photos (+Dirndl) and videos…