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Some stories don’t fit any category, some I wrote especially for this category. This is where you’ll find personal stories, recipes, funny stories like when an immigration officer googled my name, or my boyfriend said those three magical words over home-made Mexican food

Why an Immigration Officer googled my name

Why an Immigration Officer googled my Name


Why an immigration officer googled my name Travelling: at first it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller Auckland, New Zealand – early morning at the international airport AKL. After a long overnight flight from Bali I finally arrive in New Zealand. I head to collect my bag and find out to be the lucky one as I get asked to step into a separate line for additional…

Destinations RTW

Around the World in 72 Days – Destinations revealed


Around the World in 72 Days – Destinations revealed My fellow wanderlusters, travellers, lovers of the unknown and adventurers! Today I want to share with you my trip itinerary that I kept a secret – until now. It’s time to share the destinations with you and also some of the things I plan on doing: The ultimate RTW-itinerary for 2.5 months The first spot I’m going to visit is …….

Viktoria Urbanek Chronic Wanderlust

50 Things you probably didn’t know about me


50 Things you probably didn’t know about me I collect guide books like a crazy person Although my surname originates from polish, I’ve never been to Poland I’m a messy My favourite books include Shantaram, The Hobbit and books by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Anthony Horrowitz Since the beginning of 2014 my bank balance was below 50€ 6 times. I love the black, British humour Therefore I love the…

Introducing Mona


Hi there! My name is Mona and I will be writing for you here on CW! I am super excited to be a contributor and hope you will enjoy reading my articles and much as I enjoy writing them. Well I am sure you are curious how I made it here, right? I have been reading Vikis articles ever since she participated in the Austrian Airline blogger challenge. In fact…

graz trägt Trauer

Graz in Mourning


We stroll through Herrengasse in Graz, many are out on this Saturday under the almost clear sky and are happy about the beautiful day. We decide to sit down at a coffee shop in Kaiserfeldgasse. We talk about a lot of things. We notice the siren of an emergency vehicle. We keep on talking about other trivial things. Another siren. He mutters ‘…there hasn’t passes a tram in quite a while…’…

Around the World in 72 Days


Around the world in 72 days My dear wanderlusters, travellers, lovers of the unknown and adventurers! I am very proud and honoured to announce that I will be going on my first round the world trip this summer! This trip will be the biggest and longest ongoing trip for me so far! I am super excited and can’t wait to share all my experiences, learnings, failures, photos (+Dirndl) and videos…

First time Round the World Trip Tips by Travel Bloggers


First time Round the World Trip Tips by Travel Bloggers Travelling itself and travelling on your own might be a challenge, but round the world trips (RTW) are even more challenging. More and more people decide to take a year off to travel and explore the world. You can’t plan it all, itinerary changes and delayed connections will strike you, but the beauty lies in the uncertainty. I asked three…

leoben von oben leben from above

Leoben von oben – Leoben from above


Leoben von oben – Leoben from above In March this year I was on a regular flight from Graz to Frankfurt and the weather was just great. I had a window seat and was just starting to doze off, when I looked out of the window and thought “Oh this looks like my hometown, Leoben… – wait! This is Leoben!!” Here are the results from my flight to Frankfurt and then back…

Travel Chronicles Chronic Wanderlust

Travel Logbook


Chronic Wanderlust Travel Chronicles These are the chronicles of my travels, starting back then in 1992! Follow up my story of travelling, my love for the unknown and the heart of a wanderluster! Info: Many trips within Austria are not listed as they are countless! 2017 January: Mexico + Colombia January to June: Colombia April: Galapagos, Ecuador June: Aruba, Bonaire + Curaçao July to August: Canada 2016 January: Belize + Mexico…

sunset playa del carmen

Findings of the Month – January 2015


Findings of the Month – January 2015 From now on every month there will be some sort of “Findings of the Month” post, where I’ll talk about useful information, apps, thoughts, photos, .. whatever crosses my mind and I think YOU should know as well. Because sharing is caring, right? So let’s get started with the first ever post of that kind on Chronic Wanderlust App of the month Skyscanner…

2014 review Chronic Wanderlust

136 days, 13 trips and 8 countries travelled in 2014


136 days, 13 trips and 8 countries! That was 2014!! Munich, Germany – February My dear friend Sophie got a work and travel visa for Canada for a year! How exciting is that! Saying goodbye is never easy, but we always skype and since we never lived very close we never got to spend a lot of time together offline. She is one of my closest friends and a travel nerd…

24 hours in Abu Dhabi – 5 Things to do, 5 Things to see and 10 You can skip


Why would anybody go on a 24 hour trip to Abu Dhabi? (36 hours including the flight-time) Well – the answer is simple and shows a little bit of my craziness: I needed the miles! Oh and I wanted to see something new. In order to get my frequent flyer bonus program to the next level, I needed another 6000 miles to reach my gold status. Now I got it!…