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What is best to pack in your carry-on? How to stay fit on the road? How to make a budget? What gear will make your life on the road easier? How much is a safari in Kenya? What should I pack for a trip to Mexico? How is it like to travel first class on an Indian train? What should you think of when travelling to Lithuania?

Packing list budget camping safari

Packing list for your budget camping safari in Tanzania


Packing list for your budget camping safari in Tanzania When you are travelling to Africa and find yourself going on a budget safari like Absolute Africa this list will help you pack the right things for your adventure: Documents and cash cash for visa upon arrival OR get the visa beforehand at your local embassy cash in local currency spare cash in USD or in Euros valid passport for at…

Summer Weekend Trip Essentials


“Summer Weekend Trip Essentials” Have you ever found yourself in a hotel room with enough clothes to last a couple of weeks? Or several pairs of shoes when you only need some flip flops? Absolutey no problem if you aren’t on a short weekend trip! It is super easy to overpack. Lets be honest – we have all done it. Just recently I got the Numinous 25L Daypack for reviewing purposes…

How much are 3 Days in Dubai without missing out on fun


How much are 3 Days in Dubai without missing out on fun I spent full three days in the crazy city of Dubai – here I share my expenses throughout my entire trip – excluding airfare! Note: This trip was part of my Traum.Welt.Reise – “Around the World in 72 Days” project with Marco Polo and Marco Polo TV this summer.

Israel Hiking Packing List

Hiking in Israel – the ultimate Packing List


Hiking in Israel – the ultimate Packing List Hiking gets more and more common. Israel is a hip country to travel to. Why not combine the two and discover the Holy Land by hiking and walking? Follow the footsteps of Jesus through Galilee, the Judean Desert, the Wadis, Negev and many more! Keep in mind that the climate in Israel is dry and hot – even in winter the temperatures won’t…

travelling without liquids travel lush

Travelling without Liquids – What’s in my toiletry kit


Travelling without Liquids – What’s in my toiletry kit Just imagine this scenario. You check into your hotel late at night, all that’s on your mind is a refreshing shower to get the “travel” off of you. You open your bag and discover your liquids burst and have leaked everywhere. All your clothes are soaked and you’ve got nothing else to put on except the sweaty clothes you are already…

El Al Security

How to get through the El Al Pre-Check-In-Security Procedure with a smile


How to get through the El Al Pre-Check-In-Security Procedure with a smile I have been to Israel two times already and flew with the national airline El Al on both occasions. Their pre-check-in questions might sound a bit strange, but I want you to be ready and know what to expect. Extra Check-In-Area In Vienna, Innsbruck, Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt, … the check in areas of El Al are either in a separate…

haggling to get your prize

How to pay YOUR Price at a Market or Bazaar


How to pay your price at a market or bazar One basic advice first: It is important to know that ALL dealers have a PhD in psychology. They know everything about you even from a large distance. They will tell you were you are from, your name and your grandfathers shoe size just by looking at you. No kidding! Here I’ll give you some tips that I learnt from my travels and…

Teide - a comprehensive hiker's packing list

Teide – a comprehensive hiker’s packing list


Teide – a comprehensive hiker’s packing list Mountains are impressive, but not everyone enjoys them the same way. I had the amazing chance to hike up the active volcano Teide on Tenerife in March 2015. The most recommended way of conquering Teide is to hike up to the Refugio de Altavista, stay overnight and get up early and watch the sun rise as you climb to the peak. reservations for…

Lily Cup Compact Review – Only for Girls


The Lily Cup Compact Review – for Girls only Sorry guys but this post is for girls only! Especially for active girls who love to travel. Once a month mother nature stops by for a visit to remind us that we are women. Millions of tampons are used and thrown away each year and have an impact on our environment. Not only that but carrying lots and lots of tampons…

6 things not travel without

6 things I never travel without and you should neither


Dear my fellow wanderlusters! I’ve been getting this question a lot in the last couple of month so I decided to finally do it! May I present to you: 6 Things I never travel without Teabags and Tea Cup to go I love, love, love tea. I need my tea in the morning as others need their coffee. Wherever I go I try to get some local tea and back…

Road trip Canada costs

How much is a road trip in Canada? Breaking down all the costs!


Road tripping the Provinces Ontario and Quebec! You are thinking about a road trip in Canada, but you are unsure about the costs of it? I will tell you how much I spent on my rental car including gas and other fees! The route I started my journey in Montreal and made the following stops on my way around: Gananoque and 1000 islands national park * Kingston * Toronto Stratford* Niagara Falls…

Travelling without liquids solid shampoo

Travelling without liquids – Solid Shampoo Bars


Just a quick rush to the bathroom, you open your toiletry kit and without looking you want to take your shampoo out. But instead of grabbing the clean bottle, your fingers are covered in a mixture of soap-like liquids. Ugghh, right? We have all been there! Travelling without liquids – Solid Shampoo Solid shampoos are not very well known, but are simply great! No more leaking bottles no matter where…