Travel Tips

What is best to pack in your carry-on? How to stay fit on the road? How to make a budget? What gear will make your life on the road easier? How much is a safari in Kenya? What should I pack for a trip to Mexico? How is it like to travel first class on an Indian train? What should you think of when travelling to Lithuania?

6 things not travel without

6 things I never travel without and you should neither


Dear my fellow wanderlusters! I’ve been getting this question a lot in the last couple of month so I decided to finally do it! May I present to you: 6 Things I never travel without Teabags and Tea Cup to go I love, love, love tea. I need my tea in the morning as others need their coffee. Wherever I go I try to get some local tea and back…

Road trip Canada costs

How much is a road trip in Canada? Breaking down all the costs!


Road tripping the Provinces Ontario and Quebec! You are thinking about a road trip in Canada, but you are unsure about the costs of it? I will tell you how much I spent on my rental car including gas and other fees! The route I started my journey in Montreal and made the following stops on my way around: Gananoque and 1000 islands national park * Kingston * Toronto Stratford* Niagara Falls…

Travelling without liquids solid shampoo

Travelling without liquids – Solid Shampoo Bars


Just a quick rush to the bathroom, you open your toiletry kit and without looking you want to take your shampoo out. But instead of grabbing the clean bottle, your fingers are covered in a mixture of soap-like liquids. Ugghh, right? We have all been there! Travelling without liquids – Solid Shampoo Solid shampoos are not very well known, but are simply great! No more leaking bottles no matter where…

My packing list for New York City #BloggerChallenge


Let’s discover my packing list for the  Austrian Airlines Blogger Challenge to New York City. Thanks to you my dear friends,  I will be going to New York City as one of  two finalists for  the Austrian Airlines #BloggerChallenge. Together with Jovana, who is from Serbia. We will be doing our best to complete various challenges and blog about them daily.  (hopefully- not making any big promises yet) So here…

kayak explore

Kayak Flight Search Explore – Favourite Site at the moment


Kayak Flight Search Explore – Favourite Site at the moment Hi out there fellow travellers! Today I want to introduce you to my favourite flight search tool at the moment: Kayak Flight Search Explore!! 😀 It’s a bit hidden on the website so you probably haven’t heard of it before! But now you do and you can get inspired! It’s for us travellers that don’t quite know where to go…

Best Gifts for Travellers that you will be thanked for


Hello out there my fellow Wanderlusters! Christmas, birthdays, other festive occasions throughout the year call for presents and gifts. Best Gifts and Presents for Travellers I have to share with you some great presents and gifts that I can recommend to give to a person that carries the world in their heart! 1.) Scratch Travel Map I got this quite a while ago, but I really love it. The map comes…

Longdistance travelling? No problem!


Hi out there my fellow travelers! Longdistance travelling can be a pain in the ***! That’s something we can all agree on, right? But there are some simple tricks! 🙂 Yesterday I got to see a friend in Vienna and she will travel to Brazil and Argentina tomorrow! How exciting is that!! She will travel down to Patagonia and enjoy the beautiful landscape and meet family and friends of her…

Packing List China – Featured by Her Packing List


Hi there, as you might know I got featured by Her Packing List- I wrote an article about my personal essential “Packing List China”! “So China it was! I’ve always dreamed about going there exploring the ancient culture and meeting new exciting people! I got chosen for an internship in Liaoning province, the one next to North Korea for 7 weeks from end of July to early September. My weekends…

No one to travel with? Don’t worry!!! Solo Travelling


No one to travel with? Don’t worry!!! We all sometimes ache to go somewhere usual or completely off the track. You start researching and fall in love with the destination, save up some money, but no one of your friends seems to be interested. You end up not traveling at all. ALMOST! Don’t let others influence your travel experience by not having it at all. You are responsible for your own life…

travel apps

Helpful travel apps and websites


Let’s talk travel apps and websites! When I look at my phone I cannot help the urge to travel. Most of my smart phone apps are travel apps to prepare trips and store information about them. So here’re the ones that I use often: Touchnote This one is really great, you can instantly send your own photos as postcards around the world. One postcard is 1,49€ or 1,49 USD (how their exchange…

Staying in Hostels


Staying in hostels – do it right! So when I travel I mostly stay in hostels, not only because it is (or can be) really cheap, but also because you get to meet a lot of really cool and nice people! Especially when I travel alone I enjoy this experience. I book a dorm bed and then I stay some time at the common rooms and talk to other travellers about…

Packing List for Overnight Busses and Trains


Packing List for Overnight Busses and Trains Clothes long tracksuit bottoms: to keep you warm and comfy extra pair of socks: I prefer woollen socks to put on top of my normal socks to keep me warm (because I take of my shoes on busses and trains) sweater: same as above –> to keep you warm scarf: to keep my throat covered and warm, because I tend to get sick…

mobile charger for travelling

Portable Mobile Charger


You’ve been on the road for a bit and you are depending on your phone to find your way to your hostel or hotel. You see your battery drop. And then it goes off and no power sockets and chargers anywhere to be found. My dear fellow travellers, I got the solution: Portable Mobile Chargers Even if you find your way to your hostel, the low on battery issue may…

travel planner travel diary

Travel planner – Travel diary


Long before I started travelling I came across the Moleskine Calendars, which I adore, because they help me plan better and get an overview about what’s going on! Travel planner and travel diaries Because I was so fond of them and my calendar got filled with my travel wishes and plans, so I decided to make a second base for my thoughts. I got  Moleskine’s ruled, soft notebook. I like…